Meet Doctor Janale Beckford DPM

Dr. Beckford has a patient focused practice, making sure that they clearly understand all aspects of their condition and remedies for it, whether it be an ankle sprain, chronic wound or reconstructive surgery following trauma. By informing patients about any available option, formulating a patient plan for their recovery with close consultation.

Dr. Beckford

Born in the U.K. Dr Beckford studied at University College London (UCL) in Podiatric Medicine where she practiced for several years before spending some time working in Australia.

Dr. Beckford headed to the states to become a Podiatric Surgeon, graduating from NYCPM in New York and completing her Residency as Chief resident at North shore Long Island Jewish health system.

Dr. Beckford is board qualified In Foot surgery.

Dr. Beckford enjoys traveling and has backpacked around the world. She enjoys living in Florida where she can take the boat or bike out all year round.

Growing up one of my younger siblings suffered terribly with her feet and sought the help of a very knowledgeable Podiatrist in the U.K. She fitted her with a pair of orthotics that gave her great relief. That was my first exposure to the profession.

I enjoy Podiatric medicine/surgery because I am not limited to one area, which means I get to treat a wide array of patients from pediatric flat foot to a runner with shin splints and plantar fasciitis to surgical correction of a fracture or foot deformity. My day is never boring!

Having my patients show up to my office with a problem that I can provide instant relief can be very rewarding.

As a Podiatric Surgeon I have trained in all aspects of foot and ankle surgery including forefoot and rear foot reconstruction, trauma, limb salvage, cosmetic surgery and pediatric foot conditions


Dr. Wong

My name is Dr. Wong DPM, and my passion in the field of podiatric medicine and surgery stemmed from my childhood in Vietnam. I aspired to help those whose lives had been affected by ill-health and lack of medical treatment due the prevalence of poverty.

Dr. Wong is a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM).

I attended graduate school at Barry University in Florida, and soon after completed my residency at both the New England VA Medical Center and the Metro West Medical Center in Massachusetts. My career has given me opportunities to practice what I love in places such as Jamaica, Vietnam, Peru, Honduras, and Haiti.

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